Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Make Henna Mehndi Cones

Henna Mehndi paste with cones can be applied in many ways. Some People uses tooth peak to place the mehndi patterns. Some use little bottles and apply it. The pre-mixed paste comes in tubes and is squeezed out easily. If you want to make your own henna mehndi paste at home, the choice is yours that what fit comfortable with you, I personally use cones. Cones are available at many beauty parlour but they are not much giving much effective shade on your hands. I have tried to explain how to make a fresh Henna mehndi cones at your home.

What You Will Need:

  • Freezer bags – 1 freezer bags make at-least 2 cones
  • Scissors
  • Cello tapes
  • Twist ties
  • Step 1. Cut the freezer bags in two parts in square shape
  • The size of the mehndi cones is upto you but dont make it too big else it will be hard to make a classic designs. It also depends on the size of the freezer bags you start with. I usually cut the bags into 7″ squares. And make a square patterns keep in mind all edge having 90 degree angle. So that you can wrap easily while folding.
  • Step 2: Make a cone turned round giving a funnel shape.
  • Step3. It is not that much easy as you look in picture. The plastic is very much slippery wrap the the plastic in such a way that at the end of the corner so space must left so that your paste should not come out of the cone.Just while wrapping keep it in mind that the funnel end should have small plastic covered that it can be easily cut for paste to come out. The second step is the most difficult step while making mehndi cones at home.It will take some practice till you get a one good to use mehndi cone.

  • Step 4.Now taping the cone with cello is easily available in market.As soon as you get a good shape funnel you will need to tape along the side edges where the plastic overlaps. Be careful while tapping keeping in mind that plastic should not leave the exact space, or you will have to start again. Its very easy if you make some small pieces of tape ready before doing this process. Tape all the way from bottom to top so that you get a cone shape structure.
  • Step5. Now just fill the henna mehndi paste. Take one small spoon and take a small amount of paste it in and pour it in cone carefully and press a finger slightly against it.Repeat it till the plastic cone get half full. Filling too much paste can cause the cone to be hard to handle and burst due to excessive squeezing.
  • NOTE:Never use any metal utensil try to use only plastic and glass one.


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